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Who is Spark?

Our Mission

To serve as your children’s first supportive community that will help them become well-rounded lifelong learners— prepared to be compassionate citizens in building a just, environmentally sustainable, and values-oriented society.


Our Vision

To establish Spark Child Center as a premier learning community where your children are kept inquisitive, active, nourished, encouraged, and respected.


Our Method

Our method is based on three principles:


  • Connection to Self: We grow through inner discovery.

  • Connection to a Community: We learn through relationships.

  • Connection to Nature: We serve through stewardship.


This is a combination of highly effective practices from different philosophers, such as Reggio Emilia, Maria Montessori, Howard Gardner, Jean Piaget, and Rudolf Steiner. We give importance to discovering each child’s learning style—working around it to lead them to our main goal of honing them to become well-rounded individuals. Our method of teaching also involves the incorporation of speech and occupational therapy exercises. We believe that all children are entitled to benefit from the great effects of these practices.

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